About the Conference
The 2016 International Disaster Psychosocial Conference is a unique program that brings together topics of importance to the disaster psychosocial community.

In 2014 the Disaster Psychosocial (DPS) Program, a service of the Provincial Health Authority (PHSA) of BC and its DPS Council decided to create a conference opportunity for disaster psychosocial stakeholders. The DPS Council has representatives from professional and para-professional mental health associations.

Conference themes will include:
  1. Psychosocial support for:
    • First responder groups
    • Impacted populations
  2. Building a resilient workforce and providing organizational support
  3. Disaster Psychosocial Management

Who should attend:

  • Disaster Psychosocial (DPS) Program volunteers, social workers, psychologists, counselors, police victim services, psycho-therapists
  • Researchers, mental health staff, medical/health and allied health clinicians
  • Emergency managers, human resources, employee assistance programs
  • Police, fire, paramedics, military, healthcare, journalists, investigators
  • Emergency Social Services, Red Cross, Salvation Army and support agencies